Cuts and lacerations

There are two things in life you should always nurture: old friends and small cuts. If you get a cut be it deep or superficial treat it well and you won’t get a serious infection. Clean the wound with an antiseptic. Apply a reliable longer term antiseptic like Iodine or Chlorhexidine and keep a dressing on it to stop dirt getting in. Really serious cuts may need to be sutured (stitched) but unless you know what you are doing it may well fall to bits. You can use butterfly shaped plasters to keep wound edges together until you reach help and combined with a firm dressing this may be the best alternative.

All bleeding ceases with pressure – even serious arterial bleeding. If you have a wound that is literally spurting blood put a clean gauze pad or anything that looks like one and apply firm enough pressure to stop the bleeding. Gradually ease off the pressure after a few minutes and make sure it has stopped then keep it still if you can. Don’t keep looking under the dressing as the bleeding will start all over again.