To walk all day with a blister the size of President Bushes mouth on your heel is my conception of hell. When you are days away from any medical help it is dangerous too, as infection occurs easily. Check your feet each day and if there is any sign of reddening or soreness apply a proprietary blister plaster. I have used Blistereze from Boots the chemist and find them the most useful.

The best treatment is prophylaxis. Always use a thermal lining sock underneath your trekking socks. The friction tends then to occur between the socks and not your skin and sock and you are much less likely to get blistered.

If you have a blister don’t prick it unless it is large. If you do it must be done with a sterile needle and wipe the skin with an antiseptic wipe first. The skin on top of the fluid is the best dressing you can get but if you make a hole in it bacteria can get in and cause infection. If it bursts you will need to apply some antiseptic and a dressing or blister plaster but keep the skin on if you can.