About Me

I work as a Consultant Neurosurgeon in a UK NHS hospital and mostly I do operations, clinics and some committee work (when I have to !!).

Neurosurgeons deal with diseases and injuries of the brain and spinal cord.

I specialise in:

Acoustic Neuroma (180 cases) video of laser surgery transcript
A video & transcipt of the use of the KTP-532 (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) Laser in acoustic neuroma surgery last presented at the skull base meeting in Bombay November 1999 (I’m afraid it takes a few minutes to load)

Trigeminal Neuralgia (150 cases) video
This is a short video of a Trigeminal Neuralgia Operation (Microvascular Decompression). It is shown with the kind permission of the patient who remains well and is pain free 4 years after surgery.

Spinal Neurosurgery (more than 1,000 operations) video

I also do Medico-legal work in personal injury cases and do reports and give evidence in court about patients who have sustained injury through accidents or surgical mishaps.

I am one of three Neurosurgeons who are part of a team that deals with patients in the North of England Spinal Injuries Unit. These are patients who have damaged their spinal cord in accidents or occasionally other illnesses.

I have been a Neurosurgical advisor to the National Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths for 2000-2001 and 2003-4. This is a committee that reviews a proportion of neurosurgical deaths in the UK to find out what might have been done to prevent this outcome. A report is published each year as a result of our findings.

I have been awarded the Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu in the King of Nepal’s birthday honours list (2002)

My qualifications are:

MBChB (1974) Liverpool University Medical School
FRCS (1980) Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

Myself hard at work!
This is me at work!